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For listeners outside the community of progressive rock, Yes is probably the progressive rock band. Their string of influential albums in the 70s more or less define the genre for many people. The classic lineup of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, and Alan White recorded an unprecedented series of albums that brought together rock with Classical music and great grandeur (some would say pomp). The band was originally formed in 1968 by bassist Chris Squire and singer Jon Anderson, who quickly recruited drummer Bill Bruford, guitarist Peter Banks, and keyboardist Tony Kaye. After the recording of their second album, Banks departed, the first of many personnel changes. Banks was replaced by Steve Howe; before long, Kaye was replaced by Rick Wakeman, resulting in the first "classic" lineup. The band's momentum continued unabated through the turnover that brought Alan White in Bruford's place. This was the second "classic" lineup, and lasted until Wakeman's departure in 1974. In the decades since then, Wakeman, Howe, White, Kaye, and Anderson have all been in and out of Yes, with Squire carrying on until his death in 2015, when he left the band in the hands of surviving members.
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Various Artists — Side Effects Various Artists — Side Effects
(Fruits de Mer crustacean 61-64, 2015, 4LP)
Yes — Heaven and Earth Yes — Heaven and Earth
(Frontiers Records , 2014, CD)
Yes — Fly from Here Yes — Fly from Here
(Frontiers Records FR CD 520, 2011, CD)
Yes — In the Present - Live from Lyon Yes — In the Present - Live from Lyon
(Frontiers Records FR CDVD 537, 2011, 2CD+DVD)
Yes — Songs from Tsongas Yes — Songs from Tsongas
(Warner Bros 5050467-5073-2-6, 2004, 2DVD)
Yes — In a Word: Yes 1969- Yes — In a Word: Yes 1969-
(Elektra PRCD 400059, 2002, 5CD)
Yes — Magnification Yes — Magnification
(Eagle Records EDGLT189, 2001, CD)
Yes — The Ladder Yes — The Ladder
(Eagle Records EAGLT 088, 1999, CD)
Yes — Keys to Ascension 2 Yes — Keys to Ascension 2
(Purple Pyramid CLP 0159-2, 1997, CD)
Yes — Open Your Eyes Yes — Open Your Eyes
(Eagle Records EDL EAG 013-2, 1997, CD)
Yes — Keys to Ascension Yes — Keys to Ascension
(CMC 0607686208-2, 1996, 2CD)
Various Artists — Supernatural Fairy Tales Various Artists — Supernatural Fairy Tales
(Rhino Records R2 72451, 1996, 5CD)
Tim Morse — Yes Stories: Yes in Their Own Words Tim Morse — Yes Stories: Yes in Their Own Words
(St. Martin's Press 0-312-144, 1996, TPB)
Rick Wakeman — Say Yes! Rick Wakeman — Say Yes!
(Hodder & Stoughton, 1995, PB)
Various Artists — Tales from Yesterday Various Artists — Tales from Yesterday
(Magna Carta MA-9003-2, 1995, CD)
Yes — Talk Yes — Talk
(Victory 383-480-033-2, 1994, CD)
Yes — Union Yes — Union
(Arista ARCD-8643, 1991, CD)
Yes — Big Generator Yes — Big Generator
(ATCO A2 90522, 1987, CD)
Yes — 90125 Yes — 90125
(Rhino Records R2 73796, 1983/2004, CD)
Yes — Drama Yes — Drama
(Friday FRM 16019, 1980/2010, CD)
Yes — Yesshows Yes — Yesshows
(Friday FRM-2510, 1979/2011, 2CD)
Yes — Tormato Yes — Tormato
(Rhino Records R2 73794, 1978/2004, CD)
Yes — Going for the One Yes — Going for the One
(Atlantic SD 19106, 1977, LP)
Yes — Relayer Yes — Relayer
(Atlantic SD 18122, 1974, LP)
Yes — Tales from Topographic Oceans Yes — Tales from Topographic Oceans
(Rhino Records R2 73791, 1973/2003, 2CD)
Yes — Yessongs Yes — Yessongs
(Atlantic 82682-2, 1973/1994, 2CD)
Yes — Close to the Edge Yes — Close to the Edge
(Atlantic SD 7244, 1972, LP)
Yes — Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two Yes — Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two
(Rhino Records 081227956417, 1972/2015, 14CD)
Yes — Fragile Yes — Fragile
(Atlantic SD 7211, 1971, LP)
Yes — The Yes Album Yes — The Yes Album
(Atlantic SD 8283, 1971, LP)
Yes — Beyond and Before - BBC Recordings 1969-1970 Yes — Beyond and Before - BBC Recordings 1969-1970
(Purple Pyramid CLP 0246-2, 1970/2011, 2CD)
Yes — Something's Coming - BBC Recordings 1969-1970 Yes — Something's Coming - BBC Recordings 1969-1970
(Purple Pyramid CLP 0246-2, 1970/1997, 2CD)
Yes — Time and a Word Yes — Time and a Word
(Rhino Records R2 73787, 1970/2003, CD)
Yes — Yes Yes — Yes
(Rhino Records R2 73786, 1969/2003, CD)

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