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Eagle Records
+44 (0)20 8870 5670
Eagle House, 22 Armoury Way, Wandsworth, London SW18 1EZ
Eagle Rock Entertainment is the largest producer and distributor of music programming for DVD, Blu-Ray, TV and Digital Media in the world. Eagle works directly alongside talent to produce top quality, High Definition and 3D programmes, both concerts and do
Releases on file (20)
Yes — Open Your Eyes Yes — Open Your Eyes
(Eagle Records EDL EAG 013-2, 1997, CD)
Yes — The Ladder Yes — The Ladder
(Eagle Records EAGLT 088, 1999, CD)
Deep Purple — The Book of Taliesyn Deep Purple — The Book of Taliesyn
(Eagle Records ER202222, 1968/2000, CD)
Deep Purple — Deep Purple Deep Purple — Deep Purple
(Eagle Records ER202232, 1969/2000, CD)
Deep Purple — In Concert Deep Purple — In Concert
(Eagle Records ER202302, 1972/2000, CD)
Deep Purple — Shades of Deep Purple Deep Purple — Shades of Deep Purple
(Eagle Records ER202242, 1968/2000, CD)
Chris Squire / Billy Sherwood — Conspiracy Chris Squire / Billy Sherwood — Conspiracy
(Eagle Records EAGCD 126, 2000, CD)
Yes — Magnification Yes — Magnification
(Eagle Records EDGLT189, 2001, CD)
Jethro Tull — Living with the Past Jethro Tull — Living with the Past
(Eagle Records EAGDV0003, 2002, CD+DVD)
Procol Harum — The Well's on Fire Procol Harum — The Well's on Fire
(Eagle Records ER 20006-2, 2003, CD)
Pink Floyd — Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd — Dark Side of the Moon
(Eagle Records EV 30042-9, 2003, DVD)
Deep Purple — Rapture of the Deep Deep Purple — Rapture of the Deep
(Eagle Records ER 20083-2, 2005, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Clan Destiny Wishbone Ash — Clan Destiny
(Eagle Records ER 20091-2, 2006, CD)
Return to Forever — Returns Return to Forever — Returns
(Eagle Records ER 20149-2, 2009, 2CD)
Steve Morse Band — Out Standing in Their Field Steve Morse Band — Out Standing in Their Field
(Eagle Records ER201672, 2009, CD)
Emerson Lake & Palmer — Pictures at an Exhibition Emerson Lake & Palmer — Pictures at an Exhibition
(Eagle Records EREDV793, 1971/2010, DVD)
Return to Forever — The Mothership Returns Return to Forever — The Mothership Returns
(Eagle Records ER202572, 2012, 2CD)
Deep Purple — Now What?! Deep Purple — Now What?!
(Eagle Records ER203162, 2013, CD)
Deep Purple — Infinite Deep Purple — Infinite
(Eagle Records , 2017, CD)
Procol Harum — Novum Procol Harum — Novum
(Eagle Records ER416592, 2017, CD)

Latest news

Jon Christensen RIP – Word reaches us today of the passing of Norwegian drummer Jon Christensen, a musician whose sensitive playing did much to help define the atmospheric sound of ECM jazz recordings. His work with Jan Garbarek, Bobo Stenson, Terje Rypdal, and many more was sensitive and varied, adapting to a wide variety of styles while maintaining a distinct identity of its own. Christensen was 76. » Read more

Gong Announces UK Tour for 2020 – Having spent the last few years touring the world, including dates in Japan with psych legend Steve Hillage, multiple headline European tours and festivals, America’s Cruise to the Edge festival, a South America headline tour, and a headline performance at Tomorrow Festival in China, the band have won the hearts of both traditional and modern Gong fanbases. During this live journey, Gong has delved further into the truly psychedelic, exploratory, and mind-expanding side of the music. » Read more

Carlos Alvarado RIP – Carlos Alvarado, pioneering composer, multi-instrumentalist and pioneer of progressive rock and electronic experimental music in Mexico, passed away January 14th, 2020 at age 68 after a two year battle with cancer.  » Read more

Wolfgang Dauner RIP – Pianist Wolfgang Dauner, one of the pioneers of both European free jazz and jazz rock, has died at the age of 84. With his own groups and with the United Jazz+Rock Ensemble, his playing and compositions were a prominent presence in European jazz from the mid-60s until just recently. » Read more

Michael Allison RIP – Michael Allison, who since 1997 has been recording as Darshan Ambient, passed away on January 9th after a long and brave battle with cancer. He has been at at the forefront of the new ambient/electronic music scene, with over eighteen releases to his credit. » Read more

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Graham Collier - Hoarded Dreams – On a purely practical level, this release is hard to categorize. It is the first wide appearance of a performance from the Bracknell Jazz Festival in 1983, so it is both a new release and an archival...  (2008) » Read more

Illegal Teenage Bikini - I Am Not Job – Patrick Ogle (also of Goth outfit Thanatos — not the death-metal Thanatos), leader and chief performer on this project, claims to have come across the three words of its name in an internet...  (2003) » Read more

Phideaux - Number Seven – It’s been a few years since Steven Davies-Morris handed me a copy of Ghost Story on a rained-out Sunday at Baja, but as soon as I listened to it, it was evident that the songwriting,...  (2010) » Read more

Pest - Pest – Here's a real surprise. Fans of Crimson's harder edge as well as folks like Kong and Buckethead will want to take note. This Austrian five-piece of drums, bass, cello, accordion, and guitar...  (1997) » Read more

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