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The Superstars - Metamorphosis

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This new Fruits de Mer 7-inch contains the classic Italian prog sound, though at least one member lives in Germany, with keyboards front and center. The Superstars are currently working on an...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-03-04)

L. Shankar - Chepleeri Dream

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When I first encountered violinist L. Shankar, I immediately fell in love with his distinctive sound, which bridged Indian classical playing with jazz and rock sensibilities. Plus he had that cool...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-03-03)

Luiz Pérez Ixonetzli - Retusa: Santuario de Mariposas (2021 Remix)

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Luis Perez was born in 1951 in Mexico City, and at the age of 20 began an exploration of the musical traditions of the ancient indigenous peoples of Mexico in the millenia before Europeans cast...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2021-03-02)

Fuchsia - Barrett's Allsorts

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COVID-19 has certainly caused all kinds of havoc these past twelve months. In the present case, Fuchsia was scheduled to travel from Australia and perform at the 18th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-03-01)

The Thank Yous - Good Times Killing Us

Cover art

The population of Bergen, Norway is in the neighborhood of 290,000 people, and from my observations, approximately half of them are musicians. And, unlike the proverbial out-of-work actors in Los...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-02-28)

Various Artists - Romantic Warriors IV - Krautrock 2

Cover art

In a little over a year and a half, video producers Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder have returned with the second installment of their Krautrock trilogy, this time focusing on artists from...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2021-02-27)

Airbag - All Rights Removed & The Greatest Show on Earth

Cover art

Another Norwegian band that has escaped my attention until now is Airbag, though they have been around since 2004. Now Karisma Records is reissuing remastered versions of their second and third...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-02-26)

Guru Guru - Live in China

Cover art

In 2019, Guru Guru played the Tomorrow Festival in Shenzhen, China, and recorded this album, the evidence that 50 years on the road hadn’t killed the spirit of rock that got them started. The...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-02-25)

Kevin Kastning / Sándor Szabó / Balász Major - Ethereal IV

Cover art

Regular readers of Exposé should need no introduction to Kastning, Szabó, or Major, we have reviewed many of their releases previously, including all of the previous three in...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2021-02-24)

Ring van Möbius - The 3rd Majesty

Cover art

Analog purists Ring van Möbius are back with their second album, The 3rd Majesty, chock full of driving Hammond organ and analog synths. For this go round, the power trio Thor Erik...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-02-23)

Latest news

SoundQuest Fest 2021 – SoundQuest Fest, first experienced as a live festival in Tucson Arizona in 2010 was created by ambient music pioneer Steve Roach. This 2021 event will unite a worldwide gathering of artists and audience members together for a 3-day online event unique in the realm of ambient music. From March 26-28th a continuous flow of streamed performances, audio-video wonder worlds and deep immersion zones will burn bright on Roach’s YouTube channel. » Read more

Chick Corea RIP – The sad news has reached us that Chick Corea has Returned to Forever, so to speak. The innovative keyboardist and composer died on February 9 at the age of 79. With a career that spanned from the 60s until shortly before his death, Corea touched many listeners with the incredible variety of music he produced in his lifetime. » Read more

Asia Minor Third Album on the Way – On January 29, AMS records will be releasing the long-awaited third album by classic Turkish-French band Asia Minor. Released last year in Japan, this will be the widespread debut of Points of Libration. The album features original members Setrak Bakirel (vocals, guitar) and Eril Tekeli (flute, guitar). » Read more

Harold Budd RIP – Harold Budd, one of pre-eminent American composers of avant-garde and minimalism, has died of complications from the coronavirus. Budd came to prominence in the 70s, championed by Brian Eno on his Obscure Records label, with music that blended academic minimalism with electric jazz and electronic music. Much of Budd's best known work was done in collaboration with other artists, including Eno, Daniel Lanois, Robin Guthrie, Andy Partridge, John Foxx, Jah Wobble, and many others. » Read more

25 Views of Worthing Finally Gets Released – A while ago, we wrote about the discovery of a "long lost" Canterbury-style gem by a band called 25 Views of Worthing. And now we're pleased to find out that Wind Waker Records has released their music on an LP. » Read more

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Seven That Spells - Black Om Rising – Seven That Spells is based in Zagreb, Croatia churning out some of the best mind numbing kaleidoscopic space music this side of the cosmos. Black Om Rising is their fifth release since 2003. Each CD...  (2009) » Read more

Už Jsme Doma - Nemilovaný Svět – The first I'd ever heard of this Czechoslovakian sextet was a tape someone sent to me last year of their first (1990) album Uprostřed Slov. I was suitably impressed with their twisted concoction of...  (1994) » Read more

Edward Ka-Spel - Laugh China Doll – Laugh China Doll was Edward Ka-Spel’s first solo release, recorded in 1984. This first release was a limited issue of 2000 LPs on the In-Phaze label that quickly disappeared, including the...  (2006) » Read more

Magenta - The Singles – Magenta has always had a healthy output of singles alongside their three studio albums. Rather than keep re-releasing singles, Rob Reed (the group’s keyboard player, composer and producer) has...  (2008) » Read more

Bryan Beller - Thanks in Advance – Bassist Bryan Beller’s long awaited second release is nothing short of an ensemble tour de force. On the surface one could easily mistake the nine recordings as a crack shot guitarist’s...  (2009) » Read more

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