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Erik Wøllo

Erik Wøllo
Norwegian composer, producer and musician. He was born in Hemsedal in 1961, and has been an active musician since 1980. He is experienced in several genres, such as rock, jazz, classical and electronic music.
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Erik Wøllo — Threshold Point Erik Wøllo — Threshold Point
(Projekt 351, 2018, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Cinematic Erik Wøllo — Cinematic
(Projekt 344, 2017, DL)
Erik Wøllo — Different Spaces Erik Wøllo — Different Spaces
(Projekt 338, 2017, 2CD)
Erik Wøllo & Byron Metcalf — Earth Luminous Erik Wøllo & Byron Metcalf — Earth Luminous
(Projekt 328, 2016, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Star's End 2015 - Silent Currents 4 Erik Wøllo — Star's End 2015 - Silent Currents 4
(Projekt 335, 2016, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Blue Radiance Erik Wøllo — Blue Radiance
(Projekt 314, 2015, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Echotides Erik Wøllo — Echotides
(Projekt 320, 2015, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Visions Erik Wøllo — Visions
(Projekt 325, 2015, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Timelines Erik Wøllo — Timelines
(Projekt 298, 2014, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Tundra Erik Wøllo — Tundra
(Projekt 306, 2014, CD)
Various Artists — Possibilities of Circumstance Various Artists — Possibilities of Circumstance
(Projekt 295, 2013, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Airborne Erik Wøllo — Airborne
(Projekt 278, 2012, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Gateway Erik Wøllo — Gateway
(Projekt 224, 2010, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Silent Currents 3 Erik Wøllo — Silent Currents 3
(Projekt ARC00100, 2010/2013, DL)
Deborah Martin / Erik Wøllo — Between Worlds Deborah Martin / Erik Wøllo — Between Worlds
(Spotted Peccary SPM-9062, 2009, CD)
Steve Roach / Erik Wøllo — Stream of Thought Steve Roach / Erik Wøllo — Stream of Thought
(Projekt 224, 2009, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Elevations Erik Wøllo — Elevations
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1205, 2007, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Silent Currents - Live at Star's End Erik Wøllo — Silent Currents - Live at Star's End
(Projekt 262, 2007/2011, 2CD)
Erik Wøllo — Blue Sky, Red Guitars Erik Wøllo — Blue Sky, Red Guitars
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1204, 2004, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Emotional Landscapes Erik Wøllo — Emotional Landscapes
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1203, 2003, CD)
Erik Wøllo — The Polar Drones Erik Wøllo — The Polar Drones
(Groove Unlimited GR-085, 2003, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Wind Journey Erik Wøllo — Wind Journey
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1202, 2001, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Guitar Nova Erik Wøllo — Guitar Nova
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1201, 2000, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Solstice Erik Wøllo — Solstice
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1208, 1992/2012, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Images of Light Erik Wøllo — Images of Light
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1207, 1990/2012, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Silver Beach Erik Wøllo — Silver Beach
(Projekt ARC00099, 1987/2012, DL)
Erik Wøllo — Traces Erik Wøllo — Traces
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1206, 1985/2012, CD)
Erik Wøllo — Dreams of Pyramids Erik Wøllo — Dreams of Pyramids
(Hot Club HCR 15, 1984, LP)
Erik Wollo — Where It All Begins Erik Wollo — Where It All Begins
(Monumental MonCD 9903, 1983/1999, CD)

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