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Erik Wøllo — Wind Journey
(Spotted Peccary SPM-1202, 2001, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2001-12-01

Wind Journey Cover art

Wøllo’s second release for Spotted Peccary (his previous Guitar Nova was licensed for US release last year) finds the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and composer striking a balance between the power of the fretboard and the atmospherics of synthesized sounds. It doesn’t take more than a play or two for this one to get in to the psyche of the listener, with its powerful melodies and shimmering backdrops. With an uncanny ability to blend memorable themes into stirring dramatic soundscapes, his work draws additional potential from the use of masterful production techniques. Wøllo plays all instruments (guitars – electric and acoustic, bass, keyboards, percussion, flute, and programming) on the 23 tracks herein, mostly 2-4 minute vignettes that create and explore a series of themes, and then move on to the next, flowing seamlessly as a sonic continuum. While the backing synths may counterpoint the main theme (usually explored on guitar) creating an air of mystery, it might suddenly switch, supporting the melodic exploration directly, thereby completely changing the mood of the piece for the duration. Other pieces seem to exist suspended in sort of a colorful ambient haze, with guitars and keys piercing through it, causing it all to take surrealistic form. This is dreamy and emotionally charged music, full of passion and peace. My highest recommendation.

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