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Label from the Basque Country, Spain. They have their own recording studio, Estudios Elkar.
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Releases on file (11)
Itoiz — Musikaz Blai Itoiz — Musikaz Blai
(Elkar ELK 58, 1983, LP)
Itoiz — Espaloian Itoiz — Espaloian
(Elkar KD-82, 1985, CD)
Itoiz — Ambulance Itoiz — Ambulance
(Elkar ELK-145, 1987, LP)
Itoiz — ...Eremuko Dunen Atzetik Dabil Itoiz — ...Eremuko Dunen Atzetik Dabil
(Elkar KD-796, 1988, CD)
Itoiz — Alkolea Itoiz — Alkolea
(Elkar KD-51, 1982/1994, CD)
Errobi — Gure Lekukotasuna Errobi — Gure Lekukotasuna
(Elkar KD-27, 1978/2003, CD)
Haizea — Haizea Haizea — Haizea
(Elkar KD-HG-149, 1977/2004, CD)
Itoiz — Ezekiel Itoiz — Ezekiel
(Elkar KD- 791, 1980/2008, CD)
Itziar — Itziar Itziar — Itziar
(Elkar 9780501011101, 1978/2008, CD)
Errobi — Errobi Errobi — Errobi
(Elkar KD-15, 1975/2008, CD)
Itoiz — Itoiz Itoiz — Itoiz
(Elkar KD-790, 1978/2009, CD)

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