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Alain Markusfeld

Alain Markusfeld
Alain Markusfeld is a French composer and multi-instrumentalist active from 1970-1980. His albums blend multi-layered acoustic guitars with fiery leads, piano, ethereal female voices, throbbing bass and percussion, with a strong middle-eastern influence. In 2012 Markusfeld released his first new music in 30 years.
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Alain Markusfeld — Chaos or Not? Alain Markusfeld — Chaos or Not?
(Aloha Music no #, 2017, CD)
Alain Markusfeld — Le Cri du Photon Solitaire Alain Markusfeld — Le Cri du Photon Solitaire
(Aloha Music no #, 2015, CD)
Alain Markusfeld — Roll over the Eiger Trail Alain Markusfeld — Roll over the Eiger Trail
(Aloha Music no #, 2012, CD / DL)
Alain Markusfeld — Live Alain Markusfeld — Live
(Egg 200.145, 1980, 2LP)
Alain Markusfeld — Contemporus Alain Markusfeld — Contemporus
(Egg 900 581, 1979, LP)
Alain Markusfeld — Platock Alain Markusfeld — Platock
(Egg 900.556 , 1978, LP)
Alain Markusfeld — Le Désert Noir Alain Markusfeld — Le Désert Noir
(Egg 900.528 , 1977, LP)
Various Artists — Puissance 13+2 Various Artists — Puissance 13+2
(Musea FGBG 4087.AR, 1971/1993, CD)
Alain Markusfeld — Le Son Tombé du Ciel Alain Markusfeld — Le Son Tombé du Ciel
(Barclay XBLX 920 327, 1971, LP)
Alain Markusfeld — Le Monde en Etages Alain Markusfeld — Le Monde en Etages
(Flawed Gems GEM111, 1970/2013, CD)

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