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Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin
United States
Jeff Berlin (born Queens, New York, January 17, 1953) is an American jazz fusion electric bass player. He is noted in progressive rock circles for his work with Bill Bruford and many others.
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Releases on file (14)
Jeff Berlin — Low Standards Jeff Berlin — Low Standards
(Random Act RAR1011CD, 2013, CD)
Dennis Chambers / Jeff Berlin / David Fiuczynski / T. Lavitz — Boston T Party Dennis Chambers / Jeff Berlin / David Fiuczynski / T. Lavitz — Boston T Party
(Mascot M 7187 2, 2006, CD)
Michael Zentner — Playtime Michael Zentner — Playtime
(Warped WR 88008-2, 1995, CD)
Various Artists — Supper's Ready Various Artists — Supper's Ready
(Magna Carta MA-9004-2, 1995, CD)
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe — An Evening of Yes Music Plus Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe — An Evening of Yes Music Plus
(Gonzo Multimedia HST025CD, 1993/2010, 2CD)
Allan Holdsworth — Road Games Allan Holdsworth — Road Games
(Globe Media Arts 2100, 1983/2002, CD)
Bruford — Gradually Going Tornado Bruford — Gradually Going Tornado
(Winterfold BBWF005CD, 1980/2005, CD)
Klaus Doldinger + Passport — Lifelike Klaus Doldinger + Passport — Lifelike
(WEA 2292-46478-2, 1980/1991, 2CD)
Bruford — The Bruford Tapes Bruford — The Bruford Tapes
(Winterfold BBWF006CD, 1979/2005, CD)
David Sancious — Just As I Thought David Sancious — Just As I Thought
(One Way 34526, 1979/2001, CD)
Bruford — One of a Kind Bruford — One of a Kind
(Winterfold BBWF004CD, 1979/2004, CD)
Bruford — Rock Goes to College Bruford — Rock Goes to College
(Winterfold BBWF009CD, 1979/2006, CD)
Bruford — Feels Good to Me Bruford — Feels Good to Me
(Winterfold BBWF003CD, 1977/2005, CD)
Patrick Moraz — The Story of I Patrick Moraz — The Story of I
(Timewave IDVP003CD, 1976/2006, CD)

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