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Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash
Wishbone Ash are a British rock band formed in Devon in 1969 as a successor to the group The Empty Vessels. Wishbone Ash achieved some success in the early and mid-70s with several critically acclaimed records. Although the band never had a distinctive frontman as lead vocalist, they were famous for popularizing the twin lead guitar sound, originally with Andy Powell and Ted Turner. Since their founding, the band has been through a number of personnel changes, with Powell being the sole constant. Original bassist Martin Turner has had an active solo career.
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Andy Powell with Colin Harper — Eyes Wide Open Andy Powell with Colin Harper — Eyes Wide Open
(Jawbone Press, 2015, TPB)
Wishbone Ash — Blue Horizon Wishbone Ash — Blue Horizon
(Solid Rockhouse SRR 20010-2, 2014, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Elegant Stealth Wishbone Ash — Elegant Stealth
(Goldencore GCR 20066-2, 2012, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Argus Wishbone Ash — Argus "Then Again" Live
(Talking Elephant TECD133, 2008, CD)
Wishbone Ash — The Power of Eternity Wishbone Ash — The Power of Eternity
(Talking Elephant TECD258, 2007/2014, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Clan Destiny Wishbone Ash — Clan Destiny
(Eagle Records ER 20091-2, 2006, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Bona Fide Wishbone Ash — Bona Fide
(Talking Elephant TECD256, 2002/2014, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Bare Bones Wishbone Ash — Bare Bones
(Talking Elephant TECD254, 1999/2014, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Trance Visionary Wishbone Ash — Trance Visionary
(Resurgence RES140CD, 1998, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Illuminations Wishbone Ash — Illuminations
(Talking Elephant TECD012, 1996, CD)
Various Artists — Supernatural Fairy Tales Various Artists — Supernatural Fairy Tales
(Rhino Records R2 72451, 1996, 5CD)
Wishbone Ash — Strange Affair Wishbone Ash — Strange Affair
(Talking Elephant TECD048, 1991/2003, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Here to Hear Wishbone Ash — Here to Hear
(Talking Elephant TECD049, 1989/2002, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Nouveau Calls Wishbone Ash — Nouveau Calls
(Talking Elephant TECD050, 1987/2002, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Raw to the Bone Wishbone Ash — Raw to the Bone
(Lemon CDLEM D231, 1985/2018, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Twin Barrels Burning Wishbone Ash — Twin Barrels Burning
(Lemon CDLEM 230, 1982/2018, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Number the Brave Wishbone Ash — Number the Brave
(MCA-5200, 1981, LP)
Wishbone Ash — Live Dates Volume Two Wishbone Ash — Live Dates Volume Two
(Geffen Records Real Gone RGM-0033, 1980/2012, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Just Testing Wishbone Ash — Just Testing
(MCA-3221, 1979, LP)
Wishbone Ash — Live in Tokyo Wishbone Ash — Live in Tokyo
(MCA Japan UICY-76007, 1979/2010, CD)
Wishbone Ash — No Smoke without Fire Wishbone Ash — No Smoke without Fire
(MCA-3060, 1978, LP)
Wishbone Ash — Front Page News Wishbone Ash — Front Page News
(MCD 11027, 1977/1994, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Locked In Wishbone Ash — Locked In
(Atlantic SD 18164, 1976, LP)
Wishbone Ash — New England Wishbone Ash — New England
(Atlantic SD 18200, 1976, LP)
Wishbone Ash — There's the Rub Wishbone Ash — There's the Rub
(MCAD-10448, 1974/1994, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Live Dates Wishbone Ash — Live Dates
(MCAD2-10396, 1973/1991, 2CD)
Wishbone Ash — Wishbone Four Wishbone Ash — Wishbone Four
(MCAD -10350, 1973/1991, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Argus Wishbone Ash — Argus
(Decca MCA 088 112 816-2, 1972/2010, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Pilgrimage Wishbone Ash — Pilgrimage
(MCAD-10233, 1971/1991, CD)
Wishbone Ash — First Light Wishbone Ash — First Light
(Talking Elephant TECD108, 1970/2014, CD)
Wishbone Ash — Wishbone Ash Wishbone Ash — Wishbone Ash
(MCAD 10661, 1970/1994, CD)

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