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Peter Frohmader / Nekropolis

Peter Frohmader / Nekropolis
German musician and visual artist, born 9th May 1958. His association with the art world has meant a multifaceted career, one which has him working in diverse fields, with exhibitions, films, multimedia events, collaborations with H.R. Giger, Chris Karrer, and others. In addition to recording as a solo artist, he works with his band Nekropolis (sometimes billed as Nekropolis 23).
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Releases on file (22)
Steven Freeman and Alan Freeman — The Crack in the Cosmic Egg Steven Freeman and Alan Freeman — The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
(Audion ISBN 0-9529506-0-CDRO, 2007, CD-ROM)
Nekropolis 23 — Tidal Shift Nekropolis 23 — Tidal Shift
(Nekropolis NDVD001, 2005, DVD)
Nekropolis — Anubis Dance Nekropolis — Anubis Dance
(Nekropolis NCD 010, 2003, CD)
Peter Frohmader — Eismeer Peter Frohmader — Eismeer
(Musea Gazul GA 8664.AR, 2003, CD)
Nekropolis — Nekropolis 23 Vol. 1 Nekropolis — Nekropolis 23 Vol. 1
(Nekropolis NCD 011, 2003, CD)
Artemiy Artemiev & Peter Frohmader  — Transfiguration Artemiy Artemiev & Peter Frohmader — Transfiguration
(Electroshock Records ELCD 021, 2002, CD)
Peter Frohmader — 2001 Peter Frohmader — 2001
(Nekropolis NCD 009, 2001, CD)
Peter Frohmader & Fuchs-Gamböck — Das Ist Alles Peter Frohmader & Fuchs-Gamböck — Das Ist Alles
(Nekropolis NCD 008, 2000, CD)
Peter Frohmader & Richard Pinhas — Fossil Culture Peter Frohmader & Richard Pinhas — Fossil Culture
(Cuneiform Rune 123, 1999, CD)
Various Artists — Unsettled Scores Various Artists — Unsettled Scores
(Cuneiform Rune 75/76, 1995, 2CD)
Peter Frohmader — Cycle of Eternity Peter Frohmader — Cycle of Eternity
(Cuneiform Rune 59, 1994, CD)
Peter Frohmader — Stringed Works Peter Frohmader — Stringed Works
(Multimood Mrc 006, 1994, CD)
Gulââb — Veils of Mystery Gulââb — Veils of Mystery
(Nekropolis NCD 006, 1993, CD)
Peter Frohmader — Homunculus 1-4 / Ritual Peter Frohmader — Homunculus 1-4 / Ritual
(Multimood MRC 020, 1986/1995, 2CD)
Peter Frohmader — Orakel / Tiefe Peter Frohmader — Orakel / Tiefe
(Cosmic Egg UTCE 010 CDR, 1986/2014, CD)
Nekropolis — Cultes des Ghoules Nekropolis — Cultes des Ghoules
(Spalax SPALAXCD14572, 1985/2000, CD)
Nekropolis — Live Nekropolis — Live
(Ohrwaschl OW 033, 1983/1995, CD)
Peter Frohmader — Jules Verne Cycle Peter Frohmader — Jules Verne Cycle
(Auricle AMC 018, 1982/1987, MC)
Peter Frohmader — Nekropolis 2 Peter Frohmader — Nekropolis 2
(Spalax 14573, 1982/2000, CD)
Nekropolis — Musik aus dem Schattenreich Nekropolis — Musik aus dem Schattenreich
(Ohrwaschl OW 042, 1981/1998, CD)
Nekropolis — The Awakening: Nekropolis Live '79 Nekropolis — The Awakening: Nekropolis Live '79
(Ohrwaschl OW 035, 1979/1997, CD)
Peter Frohmader — Kanaan Live 1975 Peter Frohmader — Kanaan Live 1975
(Green Tree GTR 082, 1975/2000, CD)

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