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Procosmian Fannyfiddlers

Procosmian Fannyfiddlers
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers is a Norwegian band known for their bizarro-folk-rock music with low-brow humor.
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Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Happy Accident Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Happy Accident
(LL Records LLR666-17J, 2017, CD / LP / DL)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Interference Number 9 Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Interference Number 9
(LL Records LLR666-17I, 2012, CD / LP / DL)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Requiem Fatigue Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Requiem Fatigue
(Langt Lem LLR666-17H, 2009, CD)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — The Horse from Hell Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — The Horse from Hell
(Langt Lem LLR666-17G, 2008, CD / LP)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Father Dog Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Father Dog
(Langt Lem LLR666-17F, 2005, CD)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Return of the Sweaty Owl Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Return of the Sweaty Owl
(Langt Lem LLR666-17B, 2003, CD / LP)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — The Rolling Court Massacre Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — The Rolling Court Massacre
(Langt Lem LLR666-17D, 2001, CD / LP)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Fisted Lady Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Fisted Lady
(Langt Lem LLR666-17C, 1999, LP)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — ...And Silver's Quality Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — ...And Silver's Quality
(Langt Lem LLR666-17B, 1998, LP)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Gold Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Gold
(Langt Lem Records LLR666-17A, 1997, LP)

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Exclusive Premier of a New Cheer-Accident Track

Cheer-Accident adSKiN GRAFT Records’ Mark Fischer states that “The Chicago vs New York compilation is an album in its own right… and not just some sort of a label sampler. Most of the songs on the compilation are exclusive to it." Thymme Jones of Cheer-Accident says of "War Is a Warrior," " It’s definitely not going to be on the next Cheerax album.”

We'll have a review of Chicago vs New York in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes out for that.

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