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Bill Horist

Bill Horist
United States
Since moving to Seattle in 1995, Bill Horist has established himself as a noted improviser/composer/performer. In the past decade, he has appeared on over 40 recordings and has performed almost 700 concerts in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan and throughout the US. Bill has performed and/or recorded with Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, KK Null, Trey Gunn(King Crimson), Chris Cutler, Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), William Hooker, Trey Spruance (Mr Bungle/Secret Chiefs 3), Eugene Chadbourne, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Amy Denio, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Steve Fisk, Anla Courtis (Reynols), Lesli Dalaba, Paul Hoskin, Thomas Dimuzio, Wally Shoup, Jessica Lurie, Mason Jones, Jeff Grienke, and Tucker Martine as well as members of Earth, The Boredoms and Larsen among others.
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Releases on file (13)
EchoTest — Daughter of Ocean EchoTest — Daughter of Ocean
(Bandcamp no#, 2019, CD / LP / DL)
Troot — Constance and the Waiting Troot — Constance and the Waiting
(Bandcamp no#, 2018, CD / DL)
Wally Shoup / Bill Horist / Paul Kikuchi — Chemical Language Wally Shoup / Bill Horist / Paul Kikuchi — Chemical Language
(New Atlantis Records NA-CD-027, 2015, CD)
Bill Horist — Mutei - Music for Davida Monk's Dream Pavilion Bill Horist — Mutei - Music for Davida Monk's Dream Pavilion
(Important Records IMPREC427, 2015, CD)
Bill Horist — The Signal Index Bill Horist — The Signal Index
(Ultramarine UM017, 2012, MC)
Secret Chiefs 3 — Satellite Supersonic Vol. 1 Secret Chiefs 3 — Satellite Supersonic Vol. 1
(Web of Mimicry WoM 039, 2010, CD)
Master Musicians of Bukkake — Totem Two Master Musicians of Bukkake — Totem Two
(Important Records IMPREC301, 2010, CD)
Marcos Fernandes / Bill Horist — Jerks and Creeps Marcos Fernandes / Bill Horist — Jerks and Creeps
(Accretions ALP-046 CD, 2007, CD)
Bill Horist — Lyric / Suite Bill Horist — Lyric / Suite
(Accretions ALP043CD, 2004, CD)
Paul Rucker — History of an Apology Paul Rucker — History of an Apology
(Jackson Street JSR005, 2003, CD)
Bill Horist & K.K. Null — Interstellar Chemistry Bill Horist & K.K. Null — Interstellar Chemistry
(Beta-lactam Ring mt037, 2002, CD)
Bill Horist — Songs from the Nerve Wheel Bill Horist — Songs from the Nerve Wheel
(Unit Circle Rekkids tUC066, 2000, CD)
Bill Horist — Soylent Radio Bill Horist — Soylent Radio
(Unit Circle Rekkids tUC045, 1997, CD)

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