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Tusmørke — Intetnett
(Karisma KAR224, 2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-12-12

Intetnett Cover art

Norway’s most-out there band Tusmørke returns with a new album Intetnett. Another children’s album, this time about artificial intelligence, advancements in technology, the singularity — and ancient Mesopotamian gods. Intetnett tells a story about two evil scientists who plant a self-teaching computer system in an unsuspecting school. The system called Intetnett soon takes over the minds of pupils and teachers alike — except for a technophobic substitute teacher who lacks any login info and a small group of pupils. Over the course of 57 minutes and 21 songs, Tusmørke takes you on a dark journey of post-punk prog and children’s voices, with similarities to the oddball musical visions of The Residents and Germany’s Der Plan and Pyrolator. As the musical journey continues, the only thing that can stop Intetnett is help from the Mesopotamian gods, namely magic. The teacher and children receive instructions for summoning a golem strong enough to oppose Intetnett and disconnect the computer system. The music is a rollercoaster ride through the different emotions and situations, culminating in acid folk songs as the golem defeats the AI. All song titles and lyrics are in Norwegian, which is challenging for us English speakers. But the music is wonderful ranging from dark to lighthearted moods. Quite an interesting album for fans of quirky music.

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