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Shining Pyramid — Tree
(Bandcamp no#, 2021, CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2021-05-13

Tree Cover art

This London-based duo is back with their third full length release, and much of what was said about their second also applies to this one: their sound is an instrumental hybrid of electronic keyboard and guitar based sounds not unlike elements of mid-70s Tangerine Dream with some of the dreamier aspects of 70s Pink Floyd grafted into it. Guitarist Nick Adams, who presumably also handles the bass parts, drives the intense melodic power of their finest moments, while synthesist Peter Jeal, who also apparently programs all of the percussion parts, fills all of the spaces with the curious sounds and melodic swells that enrich the background of each piece and often soar to the surface, above and beyond. There isn’t a lot of detailed information regarding how their pieces are built up, but with only two members one would have to figure that each of the seven tracks goes through a layer-by-layer construction process of meticulous development until it arrives at a place where both players are pleased with the end result. The nine-plus minute “Transmitter C” opens the proceedings with some unusual scratchy (guitar?) sounds that evolve over the top of a busy sequenced pattern until the drum sounds finally enter and offer a rudimentary beat to build the remainder of the piece over, somewhat reminiscent of parts of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.” Further down the track listing, “Weird Science” develops out of a more purely ambient electronic space, breathing in and out while the guitars paint beautiful colors over the top, with glistening synth micro-bells swirling around the listener. The song is truly a masterpiece. ”Triskel” drives a punchy rock beat that opens up to some outstanding synth melodies overlaying the gritty, funky guitar work, and even finds a faster pace near the song’s end. “Rain” offers a simple melodic piece driven by the synths that offers beautiful sounds, but one might wish it did more than just repeat the idea over and over for five minutes. Closer “Joy?” begins with what sounds like Mellotron until it bursts open into a pounding rock jam with snarly guitars and dweedly synths, with the ‘tron making several return appearances later in the proceedings. Tree makes for another interesting helping of guitar-infused electronics that occasionally outright rocks.

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