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Lovely Little Girls — Effusive Supreme
(Skin Graft GR153, 2023, CD / LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2023-08-14

Effusive Supreme Cover art

The last full-length album from Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls was Glistening Vivid Splash back in 2016, but they’re now back with Effusive Supreme. We’ve encountered two of these tracks before, “Be Good to Your Shoes” and “Emphatic Service” on the Post Now: Round One - Chicago vs New York compilation, and they’re joined by eight more tracks of the band’s signature brand of musical oddness. The album starts with a great instrumental track called “Polyester and Saltwater,” a brief flurry of percussion, odd-meter riffs, and a tasty arrangement for trombone and sax. This sets the stage for “Breathing on the Back,” which continues the emphasis on percussion, adding a semi-spoken vocal by leader Gregory Jacobsen which is punctuated by some wonderful avant-rock instrumental sections with horns, bass, and guitar. Then we get the two previously released tracks, followed by a short vocal interlude with sound effects. “(She Puts the) T&A in TA” is Jacobsen’s version of “Hot for Teacher,” in subject matter at least, with the twist that it’s sung by a woman’s voice and continues the trend of outstanding horn parts. Each of the tracks has its own appeal, but for some reason “Shadow of Bees” stands out for me. The bass, guitar, and drums forge ahead with an insistent rhythm while vocals and horns go through all manner of gymnastics, and it finishes off with a climax worthy of a Cheer-Accident song. Effusive Supreme shows Lovely Little Girls continuing to develop musically, with the instrumental arrangements getting more sophisticated while the lyrical transgression is somewhat less emphasized. In short, it’s the band’s best release yet, and a promise of even better to come.

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