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Delay Tactics — Any Questions?
(mp3.com 33619, 1984/2000, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2000-10-01

Any Questions? Cover art

Any Questions? is the second of two albums released by Delay Tactics, a proto-electronica trio that pretty much captured the quirky electronic pop spirit of the early 80s. Walter Whitney (synths, programming) and guitarist Carl Weingarten are joined on this second release by David Udell (guitars, percussion, keyboards), with some guest bass on a few tracks and voice on another. The material here hovers at various points between tuneful major-key instrumental electro-pop with drum machines, and more ambient exploratory material more befitting the Weingarten / Whitney collaborative work of a few years later (“Dreaming in Colors”, “Primitive Earth”). The prominent use of slide guitars and looping set the poppier material apart from earlier all-or-mostly synth-based proponents in this field (Eno, Kraftwerk, and others come to mind), but also a wider variety of keyboard sounds tends to keep it interesting. While the chatter of the drum machines firmly date-stamps much of this, tracks like the ambient closer “Woman in a Room (of Colors)” with its dense orchestron backdrop could have been recorded yesterday. In all, an enjoyable look back to the early, formative days of modern electronica.

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