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Reviews of Reissues

Lilys - A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns & The 3 Way

Cover art

A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns was the second album by Lilys, released in 1993, though it didn’t show up in my awareness until much later, after I’d already heard some of...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-10-17)

Scaven - Autumn Leaves

Cover art

Scaven is a solo electronic artist from Amsterdam and Autumn Leaves is his debut album released back in 2003 and now reissued on Steam Sounds.  Back in 2003 the music world was alive...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-09-20)

St. Tropez - Icarus

Cover art

[Regarding Icarus:]

A bit of history. In the beginning there was Il Sistema, an Italian group that recorded what would become a double album,

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2021-08-31)

Mula - Resiliente

Cover art On May 7, 2021 French label Dur et Doux reissued Mula’s 2017 album Resiliente on vinyl. Dur et Doux is a label that specializes in difficult music and Resiliente is no exception....  » Read more
(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-08-30)

Fatal Fusion - Land of the Sun & Dissonant Minds

Cover art

The Norwegian progressive rock band Fatal Fusion released their first album back in 2010. We missed it at the time, but Apollon is reissuing it not so long after the release of the band’s...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-06-10)

Head Machine - Orgasm

Cover art

This reissue of a rarity from 1970 has two distinct points of interest: the story of how it came to be, and the music itself. As for the story… David Paramor was working as an independent...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-01-26)

Bomis Prendin - Clear Memory

Cover art

The cover of Nurse with Wound’s debut release Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella contains the infamous NWW List of bands that Steven Stapleton,...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-01-06)

Harry Beckett - Joy Unlimited

Cover art

My first encounter with trumpeter Harry Beckett, who was born in Barbados in 1935, was as a session player on the debut album by Manfred Mann Chapter Three, then he turned up on the Keef...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2020-11-29)

Audion Is Back in Business

Our esteemed colleague Alan Freeman has restarted Audion Magazine after a seven year hiatus. The new incarnation is available online on their Bandcamp site. Audion's history goes back to 1984, and included 58 issues up to 2013. Issue #59 is available now, and #60 is in the works.  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2020-10-14)

Secret Oyster - Striptease

Cover art

This exceptional Danish instrumental powerhouse released four albums in their original lifetime from 1973-1976, and a reunion album Live in the USA recorded at Nearfest 2007, released the...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2020-08-21)

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