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XTC / The Dukes of Stratosphear

XTC / The Dukes of Stratosphear
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XTC was formed in the early 70s in Swindon by Colin Moulding (bass, vocals), Terry Chambers (drums), and Andy Partridge (guitar, vocals), and went through a number of different names before recruiting Barry Andrews (keyboards) and settling on XTC in 1976. Though they came to attention in the midst of the punk explosion in England, their roots were in 70s progressive and glam rock. Their frenetic, idiosyncratic take on rock had obvious art rock references to such artists as Bill Nelson and early Roxy Music. They also experimented with dub remixing, starting with Go+ in 1978. Andrews left in 1979 to join first Robert Fripp's League of Gentlemen, then Shriekback. He was replaced by multi-instrumentalist Dave Gregory. The band ceased touring in 1982, continuing as a studio-only entity, and Chambers departed in 1983; he was not replaced with a permanent drummer, and the band hired a series of musicians for their albums. Chief songwriters Partridge and Moulding wrote sophisticated, catchy songs that (for a while at least) endeared them to pop audiences as well as musicians. In the mid 80s, their psychedelic alter-ego band, The Dukes of Stratophear, recorded under pseudonyms. A protracted battle with their label, Virgin, led to a drastic decline in their output from 1992, until they resurfaced independently in 1998 with Apple Venus. After sporadic activity for a few years, the band finally announced their dissolution in 2006.
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Releases on file (19)
XTC — Homegrown XTC — Homegrown
(TVT 3330-2, 2001, CD)
XTC — Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2) XTC — Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)
(TVT 3260-2, 2000, CD)
XTC — Homespun XTC — Homespun
(TVT 3320-2, 1999, CD)
XTC — Apple Venus Volume 1 XTC — Apple Venus Volume 1
(TVT 3250-2, 1998, CD)
XTC — Nonsuch XTC — Nonsuch
(Caroline CAR 50678, 1992/2002, CD)
XTC — Oranges and Lemons XTC — Oranges and Lemons
(Caroline CAR 50683, 1989/2002, CD)
The Dukes of Stratosphear — Chips from the Chocolate Fireball The Dukes of Stratosphear — Chips from the Chocolate Fireball
(Caroline CAR 50732, 1987/2002, CD)
XTC — Psonic Psunspot XTC — Psonic Psunspot
(Virgin V2440, 1987, LP)
XTC — Skylarking XTC — Skylarking
(Caroline CAR 50690-2, 1986/2002, CD)
The Dukes of Stratosphear — 25 O'Clock The Dukes of Stratosphear — 25 O'Clock
(Virgin WOW 1, 1985, EP)
XTC — The Big Express XTC — The Big Express
(Caroline CAR 50692, 1984/2002, CD)
XTC — Mummer XTC — Mummer
(Caroline CAR 50672, 1983/2002, CD)
XTC — English Settlement XTC — English Settlement
(Caroline CAR 50660, 1982/2002, CD)
XTC — BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert XTC — BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
(Griffin GCD-326-2, 1980/1992, CD)
XTC — Black Sea XTC — Black Sea
(Caroline CAR 50636, 1980/2002, CD)
XTC — Drums and Wires XTC — Drums and Wires
(Caroline CAR 50653, 1979/2002, CD)
XTC — Go 2 XTC — Go 2
(Caroline CAR 50666-2, 1978/2001, CD)
XTC — Go+ XTC — Go+
(Virgin VS 23312, 1978, EP)
XTC — White Music XTC — White Music
(Caroline CAR 50691-2, 1978/2002, CD)

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