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The Walkabouts

The Walkabouts
United States
The Walkabouts was an American band formed in 1984 in Seattle by Carla Torgerson (vocals, cello) and Chris Eckman (guitar, vocals). Other members varied somewhat over the years until the group folded in 2015. Their music was a distinctive version of folk-rock.
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The Walkabouts — Travels in the Dustland The Walkabouts — Travels in the Dustland
(Glitterhouse 731, 2011, CD / LP)
The Walkabouts — Acetylene The Walkabouts — Acetylene
(Glitterhouse 631, 2005, CD / LP)
The Walkabouts — Ended up a Stranger The Walkabouts — Ended up a Stranger
(Glitterhouse 538, 2001, CD)
The Walkabouts — Train Leaves at Eight The Walkabouts — Train Leaves at Eight
(Glitterhouse 490, 2000, CD / LP)
The Walkabouts — Trail of Stars The Walkabouts — Trail of Stars
(Glitterhouse GRCD 450, 1999, CD)
The Walkabouts — Nighttown The Walkabouts — Nighttown
(Virgin 7243 844280 2 0, 1997, CD)
The Walkabouts — Devil's Road The Walkabouts — Devil's Road
(Virgin CDVIR 46, 1995, CD)
The Walkabouts — Setting the Woods on Fire The Walkabouts — Setting the Woods on Fire
(SubPop SP 128/319, 1994, CD / 2LP)
The Walkabouts — New West Motel The Walkabouts — New West Motel
(SubPop SP 81/252, 1993, CD / 2LP)
The Walkabouts — Satisfied Mind The Walkabouts — Satisfied Mind
(SubPop SP 116/294, 1993, CD / LP)
The Walkabouts — Scavenger The Walkabouts — Scavenger
(SubPop SP124b, 1991, CD / LP)
The Walkabouts — Cataract The Walkabouts — Cataract
(SubPop SP31, 1989, LP)
The Walkabouts — Rag and Bone The Walkabouts — Rag and Bone
(SubPop SP 56, 1989, CD / LP)
The Walkabouts — See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens The Walkabouts — See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens
(PopLlama PL4129, 1988, CD / LP)

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