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The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble

The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble
Various Countries
The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble was large group founded for a German television show and consisting of players from several countries. The membership varied somewhat, but consisted at various times of Volker Kriegel (guitar), Charlie Mariano (woodwinds), Eberhard Weber (bass), Barbara Thompson (saxophone), Wolfgang Dauner (keyboards), Jon Hiseman (drums), Dave King (bass), Ian Carr (trumpet), Rüdiger Baldauf (trumpet), Ack van Rooyen (trumpet, fluegelhorn), Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone), Christof Lauer (saxophone), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet), Johannes Faber (trumpet), and others.
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United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — X United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — X
(Mood 6582, 1999, CD)
United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Die Neunte von United United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Die Neunte von United
(Mood 6472, 1996, CD)
United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Round Seven United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Round Seven
(Mood 33.606, 1987, CD)
The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — United Live Opus Sechs The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — United Live Opus Sechs
(Mood 33.621, 1984/1988, CD)
The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Live in Berlin The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Live in Berlin
(Mood 33.620, 1981/1988, CD)
The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — The Break Even Point The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — The Break Even Point
(Mood 33.619, 1979/1988, CD)
The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Teamwork The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Teamwork
(Mood 33.618, 1978/1988, CD)
The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Live im Schützenhaus The United Jazz+Rock Ensemble — Live im Schützenhaus
(Mood 33.609, 1977/1988, CD)

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