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Chas Smith

Chas Smith
United States
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Chas Smith is a Los Angeles-based composer, performer, and instrument designer and builder that New Times magazine called “a classic American original.” He’s a maverick composer who, in the spirit of Harry Partch, creates much of his music for his own exotic instruments: resonators that sprout rods, which are bowed and struck; large, clangorous sculptures of titanium; metal strings strung across multiple resonators; and vibraphone-like arrays of metal plates.
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(Cold Blue CB0061, 2021, CD)
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(Cold Blue CB0045, 2015, CDEP)
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(Cold Blue CB0029, 2008/1987, CD)
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(Cold Blue CB0023, 2006, CD)
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(Cold Blue CB0013, 2003, CD)
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(Cold Blue CB0003, 2000, CD)

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