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The Roches (Maggie, Terre & Suzzy)

The Roches (Maggie, Terre & Suzzy)
United States
The Roches is a vocal group of three songwriting Irish-American sisters from Park Ridge, New Jersey — Maggie (October 26, 1951 – January 21, 2017), Terre (born April 10, 1953), and Suzzy (born September 29, 1956). The two oldest sisters started as a duo, with their first big break coming when Paul Simon hired them as backing vocalists for Here Comes Rhymin' Simon in 1973. Their first album was released in 1975, and shortly thereafter, youngest sister Suzzy joined the group. The trio's first album was produced by Robert Fripp, and the sisters have appeared (individually and in various combinations) with many other artists in addition to their own recording and touring. Several of their songs have been covered by other artists, including Phoebe Snow and Linda Ronstadt.
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Releases on file (17)
The Roches — Moonswept The Roches — Moonswept
(429 Records FTN 17636, 2007, CD)
Suzzy & Maggie Roche — Why the Long Face Suzzy & Maggie Roche — Why the Long Face
(Cooking Vinyl COOKCD338, 2006, CD)
Maggie & Suzzy Roche — Zero Church Maggie & Suzzy Roche — Zero Church
(Red House RHR CD 157, 2001, CD)
Suzzy Roche — Holy Smokes Suzzy Roche — Holy Smokes
(Red House RHR CD 104, 1997, CD)
The Roches — Can We Go Home Now The Roches — Can We Go Home Now
(Rykodisc RCD 10299, 1995, CD)
The Roches — Will You Be My Friend? The Roches — Will You Be My Friend?
(Baby Boom 3004-2 , 1994, CD)
The Roches — A Dove The Roches — A Dove
(MCAD-10601, 1992, CD)
The Roches — We Three Kings The Roches — We Three Kings
(MCAD-10020, 1990, CD)
The Roches — Speak The Roches — Speak
(MCAD-6345, 1989, CD)
Laurie Anderson — Strange Angels Laurie Anderson — Strange Angels
(Warner Bros 9 25900-2, 1989, CD)
The Roches — Another World The Roches — Another World
(Warner Bros 9-25321-2, 1985, CD)
The Roches — Keep on Doing The Roches — Keep on Doing
(Warner Bros 23725-1, 1982, LP)
The Roches — Nurds The Roches — Nurds
(Warner Bros BSK 3475, 1980, LP)
Robert Fripp — Exposure Robert Fripp — Exposure
(Discipline DGM0601, 1979/2006, 2CD)
The Roches — The Roches The Roches — The Roches
(Warner Bros BSK 3298, 1979, LP)
Maggie & Terre Roche — Seductive Reasoning Maggie & Terre Roche — Seductive Reasoning
(Sony Music Special Products WK 75056, 1975/1991, CD)
Paul Simon — There Goes Rhymin' Simon Paul Simon — There Goes Rhymin' Simon
(Columbia KC 32280 , 1973, LP)

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