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Rascal Reporters

Rascal Reporters
United States
Based in suburban Detroit, formed in the mid-70s by high school chums Steve Gore and Steve Kretzmer, Rascal Reporters made diverse, unpredictable music together for over 30 years, until Gore's death in March, 2009. Since that time, much archival material has been uncovered, and Kretzmer eventually invited Irish musician James Strain to help flesh out and complete some recordings that had never been finished.
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Rascal Reporters — One of Our Dogs Is Missing Rascal Reporters — One of Our Dogs Is Missing
(Bandcamp Hebbardesque no#, 2019, DL)
Rascal Reporters — Redux, Vol. 1 Rascal Reporters — Redux, Vol. 1
(Bandcamp Hebbardesque no#, 2019, DL)
Rascal Reporters — The Mind Boggles Rascal Reporters — The Mind Boggles
(Bandcamp Hebbardesque no#, 2008/2014, DL)
Rascal Reporters — Nice Not to Be Here (Bonus Tracks 1976​-​2008) Rascal Reporters — Nice Not to Be Here (Bonus Tracks 1976​-​2008)
(Bandcamp Hebbardesque no#, 2008/2015, CD)
Rascal Reporters — The Foul-Tempered Clavier Rascal Reporters — The Foul-Tempered Clavier
(Pleasant Green PLGR004, 2001, CD)
Rascal Reporters — Holly's Biaural Curiosity Rascal Reporters — Holly's Biaural Curiosity
(Wcarma Records BABS 98-05, 1998, CD)
Rascal Reporters — Purple Entrapment Rascal Reporters — Purple Entrapment
(Wafer Face 9, 1995, CD)
Rascal Reporters — Happy Accidents Rascal Reporters — Happy Accidents
(ZNR CD-1010, 1988/1996, CD)
Rascal Reporters — Psychlops (Complete) Rascal Reporters — Psychlops (Complete)
(Bandcamp Hebbardesque no#, 1984/2012, DL)
Rascal Reporters — Ridin' on a Bummer Rascal Reporters — Ridin' on a Bummer
(Hebbardesque no#, 1984/2005, CD)
Rascal Reporters — We're God Rascal Reporters — We're God
(Wafer Face 7, 1980/1997, CD)

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