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Wlud — Second
(Musea FGBG 4187.AR, 1979/1997, CD)

by Rob Walker, Published 1998-02-01

Second Cover art

Wlud's second album, recorded in 1979, presents an interesting blend of classically inspired symphonic prog and a jazzy, somewhat stilted fusion sound. The all-instrumental album features a standard quartet lineup of guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. Driven primarily by the lush analog synth sounds of the day, the music shifts from the dramatic, sweeping arpeggios and dark chord progressions common to many French symphonic bands, to a slightly awkward, jazz-funk sensibility that never quite loosens up enough from the symphonic rigidity. Guitar and keyboards are both featured in the lead and solo work, and aside from the aforementioned intermittent stiffness, the band proves to be quite talented in the performance department. The writing, however, suffers from a certain sameness and lack of direction. Wlud had the playing skills and the stylistic vocabulary, but at least on this album, didn't have anything spectacular to say with it. That said, though, this is fairly comparable in quality to much of the other French symphonic prog of the late 70s. Like many of Musea's reissues, this release includes bonus tracks: singles and demos from a never completed concept album to follow Second.  These songs, despite featuring vocals and some distinct pop tendencies, hold up well against the album tracks proper, and are welcome historical relics that help flesh out the picture of this often overlooked French band.

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