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Various Artists — Sounds to Make You Shudder
(Skin Graft GR150, 2022, CD / MC / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2022-10-28

Sounds to Make You Shudder Cover art

For Halloween this year, the good folks at Skin Graft Records have put together a compilation of tunes both gruesome and entertaining from a wide range of artists. Listeners looking for creepy seasonal tunes should check out this collection. Some of its highlights are the wonderful offering from Pili Coït, “Lo Comte Arnau,” with its outstanding vocals and thunderous rhythm, certainly a track that lives up to their album (which Skin Graft has picked up for US distribution). Lovely Little Girls contributed “Procreation (of the Wicked),” which is a twisted, funky workout for sax, trombone, fuzz bass, and freak guitar with the band’s trademark theatrical vocals. You’ll also find Tijuana Hercules with “Long Slide” in their swampy blues idiom, which is already quite suitable for Halloween. And there’s an insane track from The Flying Luttenbachers called “Violence Labyrinth,” that could probably draw blood if not administered properly. So if you’re in need of some tunes for your Halloween party, skip “The Monster Mash” and play something really shudder-worthy.

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