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Pili Coït — Love Everywhere
(Dur et Doux DD-053, 2021, CD / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2022-01-16

Love Everywhere Cover art

Pili Coït is yet another permutation of Lyon musicians active in other bands (see Piniol, Ni, etc.), this one featuring Guilhem Meier and Jessica Martin Maresco, who also work together in Le Grand Sbam. In this configuration, Meir plays guitar and sings (instead of playing drums), and Maresco sings and plays percussion. She uses a kit consisting of a floor tom, and oil can, and an electronic drum, though on record it’s hard to identify the sources. You might expect the music to sound a bit like a stripped-down version of Le Grand Sbam, and in some ways you wouldn’t be too far off. There is a similar artistic sensibility at work, with unpredictable rhythms and acrobatic melodies, but the attitude has a big inflection of post-punk energy embodied in Meier’s noisy guitar. His abrasive chords and dissonant lines are matched by Maresco’s junky percussion. The vocals are split pretty evenly between the two, and occasionally it seems that extra parts have been added. They’re both strong singers, with Maresco handling the more challenging melodies while Meier provides a foundation. “Disowner” features acoustic guitar prominently, providing a nice change of tone. Throughout the seven tracks, there are imaginative and engaging sounds, and there’s not a dull song in the set. Love Everywhere is yet another wonderful facet to the diverse Lyon scene documented by Dur et Doux Records.

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