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Thirteen of Everything — Time and Other Delusions
(Basement Avatar Records BAR010, 2023, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2023-03-15

Time and Other Delusions Cover art

From the first few notes of Time and Other Delusions you could swear that you are hearing a lost gem from the heady 70s of UK prog rock. But wait a minute, folks, Thirteen of Everything is a band from Austin, Texas! And Time and Other Delusions is their spanking new third album, released in the Spring of 2023. Thirteen of Everything came together a little over 20 years ago. They recorded a demo in 2002 and handed it around at NEARfest, including Musea who asked them to rerecord the album, which they released as Welcome, Humans in 2005. Life got in the way, along with some personnel changes, and the band took fourteen years to release their second album, Our Own Sad Fate in 2019. Once again several factors, including the pandemic, caused them to take another four years to release their third album, Time and Other Delusions, but the result is certainly worth the wait. Before listening to their new album, I went back and listened to their previous work, and they have honed their chops, creating a Thirteen of Everything sound that shows influences from Yes, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and even some Italian prog ala Le Orme. Lush Mellotron passages, beautiful keyboards, and soaring prog guitar lines abound. The band has certainly paid close attention to their influences, capturing the essence of 70s UK prog in a seemingly effortless manner. The music flows so smoothly that you do not immediately recognize its complexities, a testament to its excellent composition and orchestration. Thirteen of Everything has meticulously placed every instrument and note for an extremely mature sound. This is one truly amazing and fantastic album! The biggest influence appears to be Selling England by the Pound and Lamb Lies Down on Broadway era Genesis, evoking aural images of Steve Hackett and Tony Banks. Then there is the whimsical “The Penultimate Flight of Armando the Pigeon.” A truly inventive and Genesis-inspired title and a song that reminds me of Fire’s 1970 album The Magic Shoemaker. I could go on, but the best thing that you can to is bathe yourself in Time and Other Delusions, let the music flow over you. Time and Other Delusions is an album that Thirteen of Everything should be immensely proud of releasing!

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