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The Lost Stoned Pandas — Tune in... Turn on... Get Panda'd
(Fruits de Mer Panda 2, 2020, LP)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2020-07-15

Tune in... Turn on... Get Panda'd Cover art

Band names are sometimes obvious, sometimes odd, and sometimes downright obscure. The Lost Stoned Pandas is one of the odd ones, coming out of the recording sessions for the 2019 Sendelica / The Orb / Secret Knowledge Windmill sessions, when someone unearthed a very surreal GIF of cavorting pandas. Sendelica’s Pete Bingham and writer / musician Kris Needs started enlisting other musicians to convene at the Mwnci studios in West Wales in July 2019 for a few fun-filled and magical days of drinking, eating, and recording. In attendance with Panda Pete were Panda Paul from Curved Air on violin, Panda Chris from Space Ritual on electronics, Panda Jack from Sendelica on drums, Panda Kate from Sendelica on cello, and Panda Glenda from Sendelica on bass, truly an “embarrassment” of pandas (the apparent collective term for a group of pandas). Over the next few months Panda Colin, Panda Marc from Astralasia and Panda Pete sliced, diced, chopped, channeled, manipulated, and re-assembled the music for consumption on this new double LP Tune In … Turn On … Get Panda’d. The imaginative track titles, each spanning an LP side, shows how lost and stoned these pandas must have been. Side One is “Track Seven - Wild Witch Black Panda Mix,” a swirling, eddying, and oily mixture of whispered voices, subliminal sounds, electronics, sax, etc. that recalls the lysergic days of the Cosmic Jokers and their collaborations with Timothy Leary. Side Two is “Track Four - Noah’s Marc Mix,” an interesting mix of bird song, sheep baaing, glissando electronics, slow guitar riffs, cosmic urban waltz, buffeting cosmic winds, and floating music. Side Three is a medley "Track Six - Bamboozled Mix / Track Seven - Waltzing Me Panda Mix / Track Five - Yangtze Basin Mix,” a three-part instrumental that starts with Celtic or perhaps Mid-Eastern rhythms, power chords, and drums, segueing to fuzzed distorted guitars, violin, pulsating electronics, looped percussion, and firing laser pulse cannons. Side Four is “Track Three - Into the Hadron Kaleidoscope Mix,” 21 minutes of elecronic pops, squiggles, and burps that augment crazed trippy space rock that rivals Acid Mothers Temple. And then it ends with bird song and a rooster crowing. Quite a long strange, but enjoyable trip across 80 minutes.

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