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The Fast Camels — Full of Strange
(Magic Optician MORCD04, 2019, DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2020-06-15

Full of Strange Cover art

The new Fast Camels album is here and a strange one indeed it is. Full of Strange is a set of twelve new songs that blend 60s psych pop (early The Who, The Hollies, The Zombies, and even a bit of The Animals) and West Coast psych with neo-psych. And their songs continue to portray the strange denizens of this world. “Blissful Serenity” involves the guilt of a one-night stand. “Caught in a Dream” is a surreal nightmare. The title track is about a stalker. “Story Teller” concerns lying lovers. “Misty” is about a crack whore living on the streets. “The Wedding” is about a jilted groom on his wedding day. “Don’t Know Where to Begin” concerns a boozer waking up with a hangover. “Sordid Dream” concerns a man obsessed by a woman he does not know. “Family Tree” concerns hidden family skeletons. “The Curious Tale of John Foley” is about a gigolo waiting for his next victim. “Honeymoon” concerns desperate housewives. And the album closer, “Statue on the Hill, is about a guilty mind. The high points include “The Wedding” with its inventive guitar and the many changes similar to The Who’s “A Quick One...” which could be several songs mashed together. The other is “Honeymoon,” a raucous hard blues rock, power chords, and a carnival barker that evolves into a hard hitting trippy psych jam. And “Statue on the Hill” evokes David Bowie. There is a lot of interesting things happening throughout the album that make it well worth seeking out.

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