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Reviews of releases for 2019

Moop - Moop & Ostara

Cover art

When I look at the list of all the albums we’ve covered on the Tonzonen label, I see a whole bunch of rock, mostly leaning towards the arena of psychedelia and space, mostly really good. What...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-09-25)

Love Machine - Mirrors & Money & Düsseldorf & Tokyo

Cover art

Love Machine’s 2018 album Times to Come took a while to click for me. Their early-to-mid-70s...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-09-13)

Camilla Sparksss - Brutal

Cover art When this album appeared in my inbox, I’d never heard of the artist, and I couldn’t help but pronounce the name as “Sparkses” like Gollum says “pocketses” in The Hobbit. But...  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-09-07)

Kurt Reifler - The Bear

Cover art Here we have the second half of a project Kurt Reifler started with Year Of a while ago. Together I...  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-08-21)

Dhármico - Transeúnte

Cover art

This Chilean band has an interesting take on space rock, infusing it with some of the sweeping scope of post-rock. Dhármico has been around for a few years now, and...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-06-07)

Axiom - Metathesis

Cover art

This live-in-the-studio set of four songs shows Axiom to be a formidable band even when unenhanced by overdubs. Their stock in trade is heavy, driving instrumental rock somewhere on the spectrum...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-04-20)

Dave Schoepke - Drums on Low & Tesselated Resonance

Cover art

It’s one of the most enduring cliches of music: The drummer gets his solo spot in the concert and the audience, as well as the other band members, head for the bar or the restrooms or...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-04-11)

Fall of Episteme - Fall of Episteme

Cover art

In spite of their pretentious name, this Danish band has more in common with Survivor or Europe than any other band I can think of. The band’s roots go back to the 80s with a neo-prog band...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-03-27)

Seims - 3+3.1

Cover art

No, I don’t know where all these bands come from — you know, the ones you’ve never heard of that manage to record complex music with strings and brass and whatnot in a world where...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-03-15)

The Legendary Flower Punk - Wabi Wu

Cover art

Okay, so The Legendary Flower Punk is yet another Russian space rock band. They’re a dime a dozen, right? So the question is what might set this one apart from the others. The group began...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2020-12-27)

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