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Satoko Fujii Quartet — Vulcan
(Libra 204-005, 2001, CD)

by Jon Davis, Published 2002-04-01

Vulcan Cover art

Ever need an album to clear out your apartment when the partygoers don’t know that it’s time to leave? The opening track of this one should do the job pretty well, with throat singing and plenty of dissonance that will send folks scurrying for the exits. Fortunately it becomes more listenable as the piano / trumpet / bass / drums lineup coalesces into some semblance of a jazz band. They primarily explore the free jazz end of the spectrum, although primary composer and pianist Sakoto Fujii shows that she can play in a more straight-ahead vein. At times this reminds me of an acoustic version of Miles Davis’ bands of the early 70s sans the guitar and sax. It is mostly a piano trio with some occasional trumpet interludes. It may appeal to aficionados of a jazz style that is decidedly “out,” but it didn’t do much for this listener.

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