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Sam Rosenthal — Before the Buildings Fell
(Projekt 24, 1986/2000, CD / DL)

by Jerry Baiden, Published 2001-12-01

Before the Buildings Fell Cover art

Before the Buildings Fell is another intimate and introspective look into Sam Rosenthal’s flesh and blood. It is melodramatic. It is serious and unfortunately pretentious at times. Rosenthal drops you off some where, and you are left to stand there and look around... and look and look and look. You do not necessarily really have a story told to you. Harmonically and structurally, the compositions are very simple and predictable. In defense of Rosenthal, and according to him, “Before the Buildings Fell was recorded at various points of depression, as a catharsis, while the songs with lyrics became “The Rope,” these arpeggiator driven songs were put aside.” He came back to the songs and upon inspection discovered that the emotions originally injected into the songs were still there. All compositions revolve around keyboard electronics. There are touches of violin, cello, sax, and voice. Ambient fans will most likely find it interesting.

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