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Rymo — Kinetic
(Rymodrums.com no#, 2021, CD)

by Jon Davis, Published 2021-11-24

Kinetic Cover art

Ryan Moran is the drummer of the San Diego band Slightly Stoopid, which I’m not familiar with. They’re known for having a very eclectic style that mixes up rock, reggae, funk, hip-hop, and more, and Moran’s solo debut definitely exhibits a similar kind of diversity. The 16 instrumental tracks cover a lot of ground, from dub-inflected rhythms to energetic Middle Eastern percussion to groovy surf-rock and more. Rymo himself plays drums and percussion, along with keyboards, didgeridoo, and vibraphone. His chief collaborator is Tom Griesgraber (guitar, bass, keyboards, Chapman Stick, mandolin, Taurus pedals, programming), who appears on 11 tracks. Moran’s Slightly Stoopid bandmate Paul Wolstencroft plays keyboards on three tracks, Tony Levin contributes Stick and electric cello on one, and Bert Lams plays percussion (not guitar) on one. There are also a number of horn players and percussionists who feature prominently, including a couple more members of Slightly Stoopid. There are four percussion-only tracks which bring together Latin and Middle Eastern instruments. This music is all about grooves and moods, not about flashy playing, and covers all its varied bases with taste and class. Even tracks with whimsical titles like “Mr. Roboto Visits the Outback” are solid artistic statements — I think the title comes from the fact that it includes both a programmed rhythm track and a didgeridoo. Kinetic is indeed all about movement, and there’s not a dull moment to be found.

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