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Rone — Room with a View
(Bandcamp InFiné IF2080, 2020, CD / LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2021-12-16

Room with a View Cover art

I am neither knowledgeable nor interested in the distinctions between various styles of electronic music, and I have no idea where Rone (AKA Erwan Castex) is categorized. What I can say is that Room with a View is a thoroughly enjoyable set of tracks that cover a wide range of sound, from atmospheric washes to upbeat anthems that might work on a dancefloor. Castex has mastered the art of making digital sound seem organic, or at least not artificial, though it’s often ambiguous what kinds of sources are involved. Some of it is reminiscent of recent instrumental work by Brian Eno, though the flavor is somewhat different; J. Peter Schwalm also comes to mind. The balance of different factors is handled very well: atmospheric vs. rhythmic; melodic vs. percussive; experimental vs. accessible. Many of the tracks feature rhythmic synthesizer parts that don’t much resemble Berlin-school sequences but provide a similar propulsive energy. There are some vocal sounds at times, including spoken words in various languages (notably on the track called “Babel”) and wordless chanting. Room with a View shows Rone to be a distinctive practitioner of electronic music that should appeal to many listeners.

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