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Reynols — Gona Rubian Ranesa
(Bandcamp Outlier Communications OCOMM, 2021, LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2021-05-27

Gona Rubian Ranesa Cover art

Reynols is a band that I’ve been interested in hearing since reviewing their collaboration with Kawabata Makoto (AKA Acid Mothers Temple) last year, Acid Mother Reynols Vol 1, wondering who was the calming influence on that album, Makoto or Reynols. Apparently it was Reynols. To give a bit of history, Reynols formed in Argentina back in 1993, but is not a prolific band. Their new album, Gona Rubian Ranesa, is their first studio album in 17 years. Upon listening to the opening track, “Cameo Cator Sitero,” I immediately saw what attracted them to Makoto. The opening track is twelve minutes of a relentless and distorted space rock boogie that slowly develops into a full-bore neo-Krautrock jam much like Camera, but looser. “Lintiri Teperoli” slows things way down with dissonant organ noodling that evolves into a trippy tribal chant. “Acotan Silago Foli” is quite abstract with a lot of off key singing and moaning. And this seemingly directionless track climaxes with a trippy jam. And the album closes with another engaging neo-Krautrock instrumental with guitars, pan flute, bass, and drums, “Corlo Saturu.” Needless to say the album title and song titles are intriguing, but they appear to be gibberish. Google Translate is stumped. Regardless, these guys really capture the free spirit of 60s / 70s Krautrock without sounding derivative. Yet they do remind me of Amon Düül at their most abstract. Quite a cool album that I am happy to have encountered.

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