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Acid Mothers Reynols — Vol. 1
(La Belle Brute, 2020, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2020-10-07

Vol. 1 Cover art

One of the most prolific bands, Acid Mothers (Fill in the Blank), released a new collaboration album last spring with Argentinian experimental band Reynols, who have been releasing albums on and off since 1993. Unlike the brutal swirling chaos of many Acid Mothers releases, this collaboration by Acid Mothers Reynols Vol. 1 is quite subdued. Imagine, it you will, what the music of the love child of Kawabata Matoko and Popol Vuh would sound like. The music is slow, ritualistic, and trance-inducing. Being familiar with other Acid Mothers releases, it sounds like Reynols had quite a calming influence on the band. The opening track, “Outside the Inner Temple,” is 17 minutes of a slow burn jam, wordless singing, electronics, flutes, and drones. “Inti-Ra Wild Saloon” is pretty much focussed on the upper octaves of the piano keyboard and sounds a bit like a child unsuccessfully attempting to play the piano. “Trace of Sunyata Squash” is a mystical instrumental that slowly expands over its eight minutes. And the closing track, “Bo Bubbles,” takes you in a new direction, resurrecting Bo Diddley and Jerry Garcia as guest musicians competing with guitar and speed guru Kawabata Matoko. Vol. 1 is one of the more accessible Acid Mothers’ albums and actually a joy to experience. If you have not experienced Acid Mothers in the past, Vol. 1 is probably not a good introduction as it will not prepare you for their unique brand of psychedelic anarchy.

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