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Peter Phippen & Ivar Lunde Jr, — Primordial Forest
(Projekt ARC293, 2023, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-11-22

Primordial Forest Cover art

If the cover of Primordial Forest reminds one of a certain Edgar Froese album from the mid-70s, that may either be intentional or unintentional, it really matters not, because that’s where the similarities end, unless one is talking about the overall feeling that a piece of music provides for the listener. Peter Phippen is the soloist on these six wonderous pieces that evoke contemplation, inner stillness, and warmth in a classic meditative style; here he plays bamboo flutes, various Native American flutes and replicas thereof, edo, shakuhachi, Egyptian kawala, and various antique African flutes. He collaborates with Ivar Lunde, Jr. who contributes all manner of synthesizers, gongs, and wine glasses, in a supporting role much as he did on Galaxies in 2022. This is a forest that a listener can easily get lost within, in fact one where a listener will want to get lost in pure introspective meditation, with the breath of life flowing through various flutes of the world while a backdrop of gentle synths and tuned percussion guides the listener through the inward spiral journey to sacred worlds where time seems to stand still, and though it seems to be over all too soon. These six pieces will last a good f45 minutes or more from beginning to end, but it’s a world where time doesn’t seem to exist, at least in any conventional way. For best results I would recommend listening to Primordial Forest in an endless loop, where each pass takes the listener closer to a dark and secret world that one can view, but never actually arrive at, which is fine — the journey is what it’s all about anyway; this is a beautiful soundworld full of deep emotions.

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