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Night Flight Project — Night Flight Project
(Record Runner RR-0240, 1992/2000, CD)

by Mike Ohman, Published 2000-10-01

Night Flight Project Cover art

This album has something of a built-in audience. Three members of Quantum recorded these tracks circa 1990-91 in between the two Quantum albums. To further capitalize on this fact, Record Runner took great pains to make sure "QUANTUM MEMBERS" appeared in big, block letters on the back cover. I think you can see where I'm going with this. If you're expecting quality on the level of the first Quantum album, well, just remember that this has been sitting on a shelf for nine years. This is some sort of demo, obviously, drum-machines and all. It's an instrumental album, but also a neo-prog album, with lots of obvious neo-prog clichés in the compositions. There are a couple of "lite jazz" tunes ("Night Flight" and "Jazzy") thrown in for some odd reason. The playing is decent, I suppose, but the pieces don't challenge the players. Though I've said as much in my review of Blezqi Zatsaz, I think it bears repeating: the sampled sax which pervades many of the keyboard solos on this album is a bad idea. Are sax players that hard to find in Brazil? As far as "instrumental Brazilian neo-prog," you'd probably be better off with Dogma, this is more like an instrumental version of Anima or Tisaris.

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