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Megalith Levitation — Void Psalms
(Addicted Label BNiL 793, 2021, CD / MC / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-02-22

Void Psalms Cover art

Continuing on from where they left off on their debut album, Acid Doom Rites, Russian black metal / sludge band Megalith Levitation is back with their next chapter of ritualistic doom-laden riffs, Void Psalms. If there was an orc rock band, they would sound like Megalith Levitation’s trance-inducing monotonous grit. I picture Orodruin in Mordor and its thunderous eruptions. Doom! Doom! Doom! Abandon all hope ye who enter here! Megalith Levitation’s opus Void Psalms is four instrumental tracks spanning 53 minutes, the shortest being the closing track at a modest 7½ minutes. Recorded in the Spring and Fall of 2020 at the Nameless Temple, the appropriately named four tracks “Phantasmagoric Journey,” “Datura Revelations / Lysergic Phantoms,” “Temple of Silence / Pillars of Creation,” and “Last Vision” are sure to satisfy all fans of ponderous unforgiving draconic monstrous sonic sludge. By powering through the album, the intrepid listener will discover tempo and mood swings that add to the paranoia of these mystics from the Ural Mountains. An album definitely not for the faint of heart.

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