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Les Dunes — Les Dunes
(Kapitän Platte kutter 066, 2023, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2023-05-29

Les Dunes Cover art

With cover art evoking comparisons to the 1976 release by the anonymous Krautrock band The Nazgûl, I was expecting something similar from the new Norwegian group Les Dunes. But the only similarity is that both bands recorded instrumental albums. Whereas The Nazgûl was experimenting for endless hours in the studio to create sinister soundscapes, Les Dunes compose an introspective trippy set of eight mellow musical interludes. In fact the first five tracks (“Mellow Skies,” “Akkordskiftelåten,” “Spectral Lanes,” “Zosima,” and “Mayhem in Hm”) are indistinguishable with delayed and reverbed guitar and processed sound sources. By the time you get to the sixth track, "Keisarholi,” you are not expecting the new direction with Les Dunes starting to flex their muscles and build tension into their musical tapestry of sounds. The final two tracks “D and Ass,” and “The Build-Up” show Les Dunes growing with lots of delay, percussion, and electronic rhythms stepping out front and center. The multi layers of sound build to a climax like Godspeed You!  Black Emperor. You can think of Les Dunes as one long beautiful sonic excursion into dreamland.

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