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Head with Wings — Comfort in Illusion
(Bandcamp no#, 2021, CD / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2022-12-01

Comfort in Illusion Cover art

Head with Wings is a band based in New Haven, Connecticut, and they operate in a stream of modern rock that is informed by Porcupine Tree and The Mars Volta, though their sound isn’t precisely like either. This EP presents three tracks, the first of which is “Of Uncertainty,” a polished mid-tempo tune with soaring vocal melodies, intricate guitar parts, and a sophisticated arrangement that ebbs and flows with great emotion. Singer Joshua Corum has a strong voice that is equally effective on intimate sections and powerful choruses. It is primarily his voice that brings The Mars Volta into the mix. Often there are so many backing parts included that you might think keyboards have been added, though none are credited. Guitars are handled by Brandon Cousino and Mike Short, and the two do a good job of combining their parts for maximum effect. One will play sustained chords while the other plays a repeating pattern, or a countermelody will float above big power chords. The rhythm section of Andrew Testa (drums) and Steve Hill (bass) has their act carefully choreographed with rhythmic fills and tight changes. “Contemplating the Loop” shows a more delicate side to the band, with chiming guitar arpeggios and a slightly slower tempo, though far from lacking energy. “In a House without Clocks” follows in a similar mode, with quieter sections contrasted by hard-hitting parts. Comfort in Illusion is a small taste from a band with the skill to make good music. It’s meticulously recorded and sounds great, with not a note out of place. They’re applying some of the techniques of progressive rock in a more accessible, mainstream format, and their taste is good enough to make it work.

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