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Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea — Liberamente
(Bandcamp Azure Vista 010, 2020, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2020-11-05

Liberamente Cover art

Hard to figure. This three-man project is from Indianapolis, Indiana (USA), yet the album title and all the song titles are Italian. Liberamente is their second album, and the seven-minute title track that opens the album gives a clear signal as to where they are going with their sound, a soft dreamy textural envelopment that slowly pulls the listener into their immersive soundworld. Apparently each of the members (Zakè, Marc Ertel, and Damien Duque) have other similarly inclined (floating ambient) projects. Liberamente features seven tracks total of varying lengths, each presenting a slightly different perspective on dreamy panoramic soundscapes built on multiple layers of synthesizer washes, with an emphasis on the slowly unfolding textures highlighted with colorful melodics through powerful shimmering depths. Some pieces feature interesting cosmic elements, like the ten-plus minute “Ciclo” and its background thread that sounds like a mix of wind and waves while in the foreground chordal loops fade in and pass with regularity, one might find themselves wishing the piece just went on forever. “Dormi Bene, Spirito” fades in slowly much like a dream, after which the listener finds themselves passing through numerous portals of elastic beauty. A transitional piece, yet no less powerful, “Caduta del Cielo” shimmers and flows through its four short minutes, placing the listener within cycles of warm atmospherics, while the following nine-minute closer “Drala” washes the mind and spirit with what seem like slow waves of angelic voices. This is one of those albums designed for slumber, put it on endless repeat as you slowly descend the depths of the cosmic spiral.

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