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Audion Is Back in Business

Our esteemed colleague Alan Freeman has restarted Audion Magazine after a seven year hiatus. The new incarnation is available online on their Bandcamp site. Audion's history goes back to 1984, and included 58 issues up to 2013. Issue #59 is available now, and #60 is in the works.

by Jon Davis, Published 2020-10-14

Audion #54 cover artThe current issue features label profiles of Garden of Delights, Long Hair Music, Musea, and Soleil Zeuhl, articles about artists including October Equus, Sonar, Volcano the Bear, and Novalis, and overviews of such topics as "Obscure American Classics," "Prog and Fusion from Scandinavia," and "Instrumental Space Rock." There are also lots of reviews covering a wide swath of prog-related music.

That's not all, though. It's a multimedia publication, and purchases of the issue include downloads of 28 tracks of music related to the articles, so you get to hear for yourself what they're talking about.

Publisher Alan Freeman says:

In the years sans Audion we've largely been focusing on other things. We completed the revised The Crack In The Cosmic Egg rom as a vastly expanded DVD-Rom, have collated all the material for our planned Italian music book "A Fistful Of Spaghetti", released a whopping 99 titles on our Auricle CDR label, issued 12 titles on our Cosmic Egg label, and have nearly completed restoring and making available all our historic old cassette releases as downloads. Alongside all that we've kept active as musicians, playing as regular participants in the monthly Quadelectronic, and gigging when the opportunities arise. No gigs since the Coronavirus pandemic hit though.

Then, a few months ago, a few people requested that I publish out of print Audion issues as some form of download. The most logical format was pdf, as it is totally transportable, will work on any media device with the pdf viewer installed, and is printable.

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