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Anton Barbeau — An Introduction to Anton Barbeau
(Fruits de Mer intro 5, 2024, CD)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2024-05-12

An Introduction to Anton Barbeau Cover art

Fruits de Mer Records’ fifth release in their Introduction series features the prolific solo artist Anton Barbeau. Most of his releases on other labels are original tunes, but for Fruits de Mer, Keith Jones twisted his arm to cover a variety of different artists from Julian Cope to David Bowie and Traffic to Big Star. This Introduction CD includes many of these FdM covers, taken from his solo singles, from collaborations with other FdM artists, and FDM compilations, plus three bonus tracks including his tribute to the Cellar Bar in Cardigan. Since the majority of the limited FdM releases are sold out, this compilation CD allows new fans to hear Anton’s music. The compilation kicks off with the three tracks from Anton’s debut FdM release, Psychedelic Mynde of Moses, with the original title track, a cover of Robyn Hitchcock’s “Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl,” and a cover of Julian Cope’s “Out of my Mind on Dope and Speed.” Next are two more original tunes “Occupy / Divide” from The Crabs Sell Out and “When I Was 46 (in the Year 13)” from The League of Psychedelic Gentlemen.  Then FdM showcases Anton’s contribution to the Honey Pot’s cover of Orange Bicycle’s “Dr. Crippen’s Waiting Room.” Before David Bowie’s untimely passing, FdM worked on a tribute album, A New Career in a New Town, that included Anton’s inspired acoustic cover of “Ziggy Stardust.” Next in line are the four tracks from Anton’s 7-inch Heaven Is in Your Mind: Anton’s freaky cover of Traffic’s “Heaven Is in Your Mind,” his original tune “Secretion of the Wafer,” a cover of Big Star’s “September Gurls,” and another Bowie cover, “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).” Switching gears, we get a cover of Donovan’s iconic “Sunshine Superman” from The Three Seasons, which is then followed by two more originals:  “Heavy Psychedelic Toilet” from We Are the Cellar Bar Restoration Society and “Berlin School of Doubt” from Head in the Clouds. Then back to a cover of the Monkees’ Goffin / King penned “Pleasant Valley Sunday” from The Fishheads 7-inch. Before the bonus tracks, the FdM retrospective ends with another Anton original “Beak” from Heads Together. The three original bonus tracks are “Cellar Bar” from Anton’s Stranger CD, the previously unreleased “Third Eye,” and “Trouble Was Born” from FdM’s only DVD, Fruits de Mer Records Live in Glastonbury. Anton is not one to shy away from iconic tunes, which is always risky, but he is able to imbue his cover tunes with new life and insights. I find An Introduction to Anton Barbeau more enjoyable than his recent Morgenmusik / Nachtschlager, perhaps because of the familiarity of the covers. So if you have not yet experienced Anton Barbeau’s music, An Introduction to Anton Barbeau is a great place to start.

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