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The Fishheads — Pleasant Valley Sunday / Let's Get Together
(Fruits de Mer crustacean 95, 2021, 7")

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-02-04

Pleasant Valley Sunday / Let's Get Together Cover art

Welcome to Fruits de Mer Records’ Summer of Love single! Fifty or so years ago there was this campy TV show called The Monkees, also a pop band created specifically for the show, who eventually learned to play and perform music. They had a string of hits, one being the Goffin / King tune “Pleasant Valley Sunday.” With the help of FdM’s musical friends including Anton Barbeau, Crystal Jacqueline, Icarus Peel, John Chinn, Paul Chousner, Holly Bowler, et. al. collectively known as The Fishheads, they have channelled the Mamas and Papas, Spanky and Our Gang, and of course The Monkees, for an exquisite cover of this classic pop single. On the flip side is a cover of Chet Pawers’ (AKA Dino Valenti) 60s flower power anthem “Let’s Get Together.” Back in the day, nearly every band covered this tune, with The Youngbloods scoring a major hit. Even the excellent psych band H.P. Lovecraft covered this song on their 1967 debut album. The Fishheads specifically chose the Lovecraft version as their starting point and produced a nostalgic and faithful recreation of this inspirational song. In addition, Astralasia’s Swordfish lovingly produced this mono vinyl single. Then he and FdM went further by including a bonus CD with the vinyl single that contains stereo versions of the two songs, plus an alternative mix of “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and what Astralasia considers a single: a 40-minute mix of the two songs that occasionally sounds like the sources titled “We All Get Together in a Pleasant Valley Somewhere.” Swordfish is the master of these long jams and remixes, full of interesting twists and turns that never bore the listener. Quite a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon! And once again the FdM collective have produced an excellent single.

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