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Aglaia — Perennial Source
(Projekt ARC260, 2022, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-01-18

Perennial Source Cover art

Aglaia began around 1998 as the collaborative project of Italian ambient composers Gino Fioravanti and Gianluigi Toso, first coming to this writer’s attention via their 2011 collaboration with Alio Die, Vayu Rouah. Shortly after that album’s release, Toso left the duo, leaving Aglaia as the solo project of Fioravanti. Aglaia now has over 50 albums to its credit, most of which are released on Alio Die’s Hic Sunt Leones label, although the latest Perennial Source was released by Projekt. The five long tracks represent 72 minutes of the finest meditative and immersive cosmic soundworlds that a listener is likely to find anywhere, and much like the works of Alio Die, these cuts are imbued with the warmth, sublety, and mysterious atmospherics that a listener can easily get lost within. These pieces capture elements of the natural world via heavily processed stringed instruments (harp, zither, etc. I believe), electronics, and percussives (soft cymbals, bells, and more), as well as some found sounds, seemingly bringing the listener into a world of gentle winds and breezes, waves of emotion, soft starlight and deep immersion, shimmering with light, darkness, and color, as far as the imagination can hear. This is one of those cases where it’s of far less import to describe the soundworld in physical terms, and more as a vehicle that alters the listeners consciousness, providing a blend of beauty and imagery that have no bounds. Close your eyes and allow the sound to engulf you as you travel between the poles of perception on an eternal inward journey.

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