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Wah Wah Records

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Silver Apples — Decatur Silver Apples — Decatur
(Wah Wah Records Whirlybird Records , 1998, CD)
Atila  — Intención Atila — Intención
(Wah Wah Records WCD008, 1976/2011, CD)
107-34-8933 (Nik Raicevic) — Numbers (AKA Head) 107-34-8933 (Nik Raicevic) — Numbers (AKA Head)
(Wah Wah Records LPS197, 1970/2018, LP)
Raicevic — Beyond the End... Eternity Raicevic — Beyond the End... Eternity
(Wah Wah Records LPS198, 1971/2018, LP)
Pascal — The Sixth Ear Pascal — The Sixth Ear
(Wah Wah Records LPS199, 1972/2018, LP)
Nik Pascal (Raicevic) — Magnetic Web Nik Pascal (Raicevic) — Magnetic Web
(Wah Wah Records LPS200, 1973/2018, LP)
Nik Pascal (Raicevic) — Zero Gravity Nik Pascal (Raicevic) — Zero Gravity
(Wah Wah Records LPS201, 1975/2018, LP)

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