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Chuck van Zyl

Chuck van Zyl
United States
Chuck van Zyl is an ambient DJ and producer based in Philadelphia, PA. He is the host of the long-running Star's End late-night ambient radio program and coordinator of the Gatherings ambient concert series. As a musician, he is involved with The Ministry of Inside Things.
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Chuck van Zyl — Rituals Chuck van Zyl — Rituals
(Synkronos Music SYNK 031, 2014, CD)
Chuck van Zyl — Cenotaph Chuck van Zyl — Cenotaph
(Synkronos Music SYNK 30, 2012, CD)
Chuck van Zyl — MemorySpace Chuck van Zyl — MemorySpace
(Synkronos Music SYNK029, 2010, CD)
The Ministry of Inside Things — Ambient Elsewhere The Ministry of Inside Things — Ambient Elsewhere
(Synkronos Music synk 028, 2008, 2CD)
The Ministry of Inside Things — Contact Point The Ministry of Inside Things — Contact Point
(Synkronos Music SYNK 027, 2006, CD)
The Ministry of Inside Things — Everlasting Moment The Ministry of Inside Things — Everlasting Moment
(Synkronos Music synk 026, 2003, 2CD)
Van Zyl / Gulch / Rath — The Sound Museum Van Zyl / Gulch / Rath — The Sound Museum
(Groove Unlimited GR-054, 2001, CD)
Van Zyl — The Relic Van Zyl — The Relic
(Centaur CENCD 013, 1995, 2CD)
Van Zyl and Gulch — Regeneration Mode Van Zyl and Gulch — Regeneration Mode
(Synkronos Music SYNK024, 1994, CD)
Van Zyl — Celestial Mechanics Van Zyl — Celestial Mechanics
(Centaur CENCD 003, 1993, CD)
Chuck van Zyl — The XYL File Chuck van Zyl — The XYL File
(Industry8 i8-08, 1992/2016, CD)

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