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Terahara Takaaki (J.A. Seazer / J.A. Caeser)

Terahara Takaaki (J.A. Seazer / J.A. Caeser)
Terahara Takaaki (寺原孝明, born October 6, 1948 in Miyazaki Prefecture) is a Japanese composer, playwright, and theater producer whose music is released as J.A. Seazer, sometimes spelled J.A. Caeser. He is best known for his musical compositions for Terayama Shuji's Tenjo Sajiki theater group, which he joined in 1970. Since Terayama's death in 1983, Seazer has led his own theater group, Banyu Inryoku.
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Julian Cope — Japrocksampler Julian Cope — Japrocksampler
(Bloomsbury, 2007, TPB)
J.A. Seazer — Lemming J.A. Seazer — Lemming
(Fuji FJ059, 1982/2013, CD)
Tenjo Sajiki / J.A. Caesar — Shintokomaru Tenjo Sajiki / J.A. Caesar — Shintokomaru
(Belle Antique 061217, 1978/2006, CD)
Tenjo Sajiki / J.A. Caesar — Ahobune (Ship of Fools) Tenjo Sajiki / J.A. Caesar — Ahobune (Ship of Fools)
(Columbia Showboat SWAX-89, 1977/2010, CD)
J.A. Seazer — Directions to Servants J.A. Seazer — Directions to Servants
(Fuji FJ039, 1977/2012, CD)
Doji Morita — Mother Sky Doji Morita — Mother Sky
(Polydor MR 3030, 1976, LP)
J.A. Seazer — Den'en Ni Shisu J.A. Seazer — Den'en Ni Shisu
(Columbia Showboat SWAX-57, 1974/2002, CD)
Tenjo Sajiki / J.A. Caesar — Baramon Tenjo Sajiki / J.A. Caesar — Baramon
(Tenjo TENJ-99003, 1972/2004, CD)
J.A. Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki — Jashumon J.A. Seazer / Tenjo Sajiki — Jashumon
(Belle Antique 101673, 1972/2010, CD)
J.A. Caesar — Kokkyou Junreika J.A. Caesar — Kokkyou Junreika
(Belle Antique 061216, 1972/2006, CD)
J.A. Seazer — Kokkyou Junreika Live J.A. Seazer — Kokkyou Junreika Live
(Fuji FJ-057/058, 1972/2013, 2CD)

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