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Melt-Banana is an avant-rock band from Japan, known for noise and frantic vocals. The group was formed in 1991 while singer Yasuko Onuki was attending Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She recruited guitarist Ichiro Agata, playing under the name Mizu for a while. They soon became Melt-Banana with Rika Hamamoto on bass and Sudo Toshiaki on drums. In 1998, the drum position was taken over by Oshima Watchman, and after his departure in 2000, the group relied on a series of drummers, eventually deciding to go without, instead using computerized drums. In 2013, the group was reduced to a duo, with Hamamoto's bass being replaced by programmed parts as well.
Photo by Jon Davis
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Melt-Banana — Fetch Melt-Banana — Fetch
(A-Zap AZCD-0009, 2013, CD)
Melt-Banana — Melt-Banana Lite Live Ver. 0.0 Melt-Banana — Melt-Banana Lite Live Ver. 0.0
(A-Zap AZCD-0008, 2009, CD)
Melt-Banana — Bambi's Dilemma Melt-Banana — Bambi's Dilemma
(A-Zap AZCD-0007, 2007, CD)
Melt-Banana — Cell-Scape Melt-Banana — Cell-Scape
(A-Zap AZCD-0005, 2003, CD)
Various Artists — Maborishi No Sekai Samples Various Artists — Maborishi No Sekai Samples
(Maboroshi MABO-001, 1995, CD)
Melt-Banana — Scratch or Stitch Melt-Banana — Scratch or Stitch
(Skin Graft GR34, 1995, CD)

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